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Game Panel Update

  • 7th May 2021
- New theme to match the rest of our sites- Support for running a schedule only when the server is in an online state- Support for ignoring errors and continuing on to the next task in a Schedule- Ability to manually run a schedule- Better support for backup uploads for large archives. You should see fewer failed backups when you have large files ...
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Terraria Trial Update

  • 26th March 2021
Effective as of the time of this posting we have updated our Terraria trials length to be 4 days instead of 10. We made this change due to customer abuse of our trials and looking at the usage data which tells us that customers that are going to upgrade or cancel will do so within 4 days. If you have any questions or concerns please open a ticket ...
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Public Pay. Now Available!!!!!

  • 7th March 2021
Getting donations from your friends and community members is a great way to help pay for your server. All you need to do is create a unique link for your account people can use to send you money. Click here to generate your unique link. The money you receive will be added to your account's credit balance which is visible when viewing an unpaid ...
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Terraria Plan Update

  • 1st March 2021
We have updated the Terraria plan to have a minimum of 2 Gb of ram. We found most users were running into out-of-memory issues on our trials or on the 1 GB terraria plans. So going forward any new orders or upgrades will only be able to get a minimum of 2 GB of memory. Trials are updated to have 2 GB of ram as well and will upgrade to an ...
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