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Current Pricing for Game Server Resources Memory/Ram $2.99 USD/GB CPU Cores 1st Included. Additional cores $2.99 USD /CPU Core... Do you offer a discount for longer purchases? Yes, we automatically discount your purchase based on the billing cycle you select at checkout.... How do I Get a Refund within the Refund Period? Within the time period, you are eligible for a refund, if you decide you are not satisfied with... How do I only order a server for one month? To order a server for one month, please place a new order with a monthly billing cycle. Once... How does my invoice get paid with Cryptocurrency? Your invoice will go through several stages while we confirm the cryptocurrency transaction.... How to Add Sub Users (Contacts) to the Billing System In this article, we’ll be covering the addition of sub-users (known as Contacts) to your... How to Cancel Your Services It is unfortunate that you wish to cancel your service with us. If there were any issues with... I placed an order but haven't received any information! We apologize this has happened and there are a couple of things that could have caused this... My Order Status is Listed as Fraud When you order a product with AleForge all of your personal information is compared, processed,... Paypal Subscription/Recurring Payments Cancellation When you cancel our service and you have a Paypal subscription or automatic payment setup, you... PrePay Discounts We offer discounts based on the amount of game time you purchase upfront, a list of discounts is... ReCaptcha Is Not Working ReCaptcha is implemented as a security measure to verify the legitimacy of an account, or that... Reciving Funds/Donations With Public or Group Pay Getting donations from your friends and community members is a great way to help pay for your... Upgrading Your Service We allow for service upgrades/downgrades at any time.For all game servers, upgrades can be done... What are Gateway Fees? Gateway fees are fees that AleForge incurs on the customer's behalf when we process your payment....
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