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Do you support X modpack? We try to support as many modpacks as possible. The best rule of thumb for if our platform... How Minecraft Servers Work There’s a lot of talk about using a Minecraft server and having one, but nobody ever really... How To Set Up A Whitelist / Make Your Server Private A white list is your primary means of preventing unauthorized entry into your server. Any... How do I Update My Server? With our panel, there are two methods of updating your server.  Automatic and manual updates.... How do I connect to my server? To find your IP to connect to for your server, follow these steps: Navigate to... How many players can I host with on my server? All of our Minecraft plans come with unlimited slots but the amount of players your server can... How to Add a Player as OP in Minecraft How to set and remove OP How to set someone to OP on your Minecraft server Head to the game... How to reset the Overworld, Nether or End on your Minecraft Server This article will help you to reset the overworld, nether, or end dimensions in your server. If... Minecraft Color Codes In Minecraft, there are a number of built-in color codes and format codes that you can use in... Minecraft Format Codes Format codes can be used to modify the appearance of in-game text such as bold or italic. List... Minecraft Realms vs AleForge Why pick AleForge Minecraft Hosting over Realms? There are several reasons, actually. Realms... Setting the Message of the Day (MOTD) You can set your MOTD (the description message shown in the server list in your game client)... What is Minecraft TPS? Introduction A servers TPS or Ticks Per Second is used to quantify the overall health of your... Which Minecraft Server Plan Should I Get? A common question we get is how many players, plugins, and/or mods a single server can handle....
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