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Premium Symantec SSL vs Let’s Encrypt SSL Print

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SSL Features Symantec SSL [Premium] Let’s Encrypt SSL [Free]
256 Bit Encryption Yes Yes
Mobile Compatibility Yes – 100% Yes – 85%*
Browser Compatibility Yes – 100% Yes – 85%*
Multiple Sub-Domains Yes Yes
SSL Site Seal Yes, Included Free No
SSL Warranty Yes, $10,000 Value No
Installation Help Yes Yes – Partial **
Renewal Period Annually – Automated Quarterly – Automated ***
Price $99.95/yr $0.00

* Let’s Encrypt is compatible with all in production browsers and mobile devices. Legacy services such as Windows XP etc. will not recognize Let’s Encrypt as a secure service. Percentage is based on averages of browsers/devices used by top 100,000 websites.

** For Let’s Encrypt we will aid in configuring an .htaccess redirect & diagnosing any SSL errors. Instructions on resolving these errors will be provided to the customer, but limited assistance with fixing them will be provided.

*** While Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are issued for 90 days (3 months), it is recommended that renewal take place every 60 days to avoid potential outages on Let’s Encrypts’ network. AleForge does offer an automated renewal, however not responsible for failed issuance.

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