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All Terraria console commands! The following commands can be run from the game server console. help - Displays a list of... Debug high CPU usage in tModloader Terraria has a single main game thread that is used for all game activities including monster... How can I use my own world with my Terraria server?   To use your own world with your terraria server follow the steps below. Stop your server.... How do I change my world size?   To change your world size in Terraria it will require you to make a new world since you... How do I connect to my server? To find your IP to connect to for your server, follow these steps: Navigate to... How do I pick either Corruption/Crimson for my worlds? Unfortunately, we can not provide the selection to choose between Corruption/Crimson on our... How do I update my server to version 1.14? To upgrade your Terraria server to 1.14 you can do one of the following: Change your server... How do i update my Terraria Server To upgrade follow these steps: Stop the server Create a backup from the backup tab Open the... How to Change Terraria Server Type It is simple to change your Terraria server type between all of the available server software:... How to I change my world difficulty? You can change the world difficulty by editing difficulty variables in configuration ->... How to Setup tShock Permissions Adding and Deleting Groups There are three groups that are predefined in TShock Terraria:... How to add mods to tModLoader Adding Mods to tModloader Below are our instructions on how to install mods for tModloader 1.3... Options for Server config.txt The following is a list of available config commands: seed=AwesomeSeed - Sets the world seed... TShock Add Administrators After installing TShock from the Mod Manager, start or restart the server and open the console in... TShock How Do I Enable Server Side Characters? To enable server-side characters on a TShock server follow these steps. Open File Management... TShock Server Commands Here's a full list of the TShock commands available: /help - Display all available commands... What are all the Different Terraria Server Types? We offer three different options for Terraria servers to cover every player's need. Terraria...
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