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How to connect to my Avorion server? Print

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Setting up your AleForge Avorion server for players to join is easy:

  1. Open up and select your Avorion server
  2. Next click on Startup
  3. Once inside startup change the server name to something unique. This is the name that will appear in the server browser.
  4. Open the Console page and reboot the server
  5. Launch Avorion
  6. Click "Multiplayer" and then "Browse Servers"
  7. Click "Change Filters" next to "Refresh"
  8. Type your server name into the Search and it will show your server
  9. Once you select your server you can hit "Join"

To More easily find it in the future you can right-click your server name in the list and it will add it to the favorites tab of the browser.

Joining via IP

Joining via IP address is only supported if you purchase the Dedicated IP addon for the server. Once purchased and deployed you will be able to input the IP address and join. You can order a dedicated IP after selecting your Avorion server in

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