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How do I pick either Corruption/Crimson for my worlds? Print

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Unfortunately, we can not provide the selection to choose between Corruption/Crimson on our servers but you can still easily pick either Corruption/Crimson.

  1. Stop your server
  2. Open Terraria and generate a new world. Make sure to select the difficulty and world size as those values are saved in the world file and are not adjustable after the fact
  3. Find your new world on your computer. On Windows, it is located in /Documents/My Games/Terraria/Worlds. Tmodloader saves are /Documents/My Games/Terraria/modloader/Worlds.
  4. Upload this file to your server into saves/Worlds. Upload all files that match your world name. They usually end with .wld or .twld
  5. Open the Startup page and change the level name to match the uploaded world's name. If you can't type in the name rename your world to not include any special characters
  6. Start the server

Please make sure to set the difficulty, world size, and any other world-related setting before generating the world as these values can not be changed after generation and you will have to make a new world if you want to change the difficulty. The Difficulty setting in the panel is only used when making a new world.

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