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How do I Install Mods On My Valheim Server? Print

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To Join a Modded Server All Players Will Need the Mods Installed On Their Clients

Install Mods On Your Server

Installing mods onto your server is super easy with AleForge.

  1. Stop the server
  2. Open the Mods tab in the panel.
  3. Click install next to BepInEx as most mods require it
  4. Select any other mod you wish to install on your server
  5. Start your server and enjoy

If you don't see the mod you want for your server let us know and we will add it to our auto-installer ASAP. Usually takes about 10 minutes from the time we review the ticket depending on the current workload.

Install Mods Clientside

To install mods on your client follow this guide to install BepInEx.

To install Valehim Plus use this guide as it already includes BepInEx.

Other mods you can install can be found here.

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