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How to Reliably Join Your Valheim Server Print

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There are several different methods of joining your Valheim server without dealing with the in-game server browser.

NOTICE!: The Valheim server list is still buggy and will not show all the servers. It is normal if your server does not show in the list. Don't panic.

Join Via IP

  1. Copy your connection info from the console page. It is listed right under the server status and can be clicked to copy to your clipboard
  2. Start Valheim
  3. Start game and open the multiplayer tab
  4. Click Join IP
  5. Paste your connection info and press connect

Launch Parameter

  1. In your Steam Library, right-click on your Valheim game and click "Properties"
  2. The General Tab is selected by default. Look down at the bottom of this window for the "Launch Options field.
  3. Enter +connect IP:PORT . Replace the IP and Port with your server's information. For example +connect The port you use may have to also be 2457 or one port number higher than your assigned port.
  4. Valheim, select your character and then click start. You will start to join your server

Steam Favorites

  1. Click "View" in the upper left of Steam.
  2. In the dropdown menu click "Servers
  3. In the favorites window that opens click "Add a Server"
  4. Input your server's IP or came with the port. You may need to add your listed game port +1. For example instead of 2456 add 2457
  5. Click connect

Server Listings

  1. In your game panel open the Startup tab
  2. Change World Name to something unique for you
  3. Start your server or restart it if it is already running.
  4. Start Valheim
  5. Click Start Game
  6. Select your character
  7. Click the Join Game tab
  8. Make sure the community option is selected
  9. Type your servers name into the search bar to find it

It can take several minutes before the game displays in the Server Browser

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