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How to Connect to Your Rust Server Print

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When connecting to your Rust server there are a couple of ways to do this:

  1. Rust has an in-game console where you can input commands such as a command to connect to your server. This is the easiest method and best method if you don't wish to advertise your server on the public community list
  2. Rust offers an in-game list of public servers that are available to join. These server lists are great for showing off your server and having people connect just by a quick browse. Public servers added to the list will be assorted in a few ways, Community or Modded servers. Community servers are all servers with any game modifications such as Oxide, for server owners that use Oxide your server would be listed under the Modded tab.


  1. Open Rust to the Main Menu. Once here, you can press Function 1 (The F1 key) to open the game console. (Tip: Make sure that "CONSOLE" is selected in the top left of your screen.)
  2. Once here, you will need to type the command client.connect  Your server's IP will be different from this. When entering your IP please be sure to include the port.

If you're having difficulties connecting to your server using this method please double-check that you're entering the correct IP address and that your server is online. If you're still having issues please contact our support team


This method may not work on the first try. Facepunch Studios have set up the in-game list to be very sensitive to what servers are actually listed. If they don't meet certain criteria Facepunch rejects the server and it isn't listed. If you're having issues finding your server in the server list we suggest following this knowledgebase article to help troubleshoot the issue.

  1. Open the Startup tab of your server
  2. From here you can now set your Server Name, keep in mind that you have a limit of approximately 60 characters and that special characters may not work. (Tip: Be careful not to mistake Server Name for Identity, these are two different things. Identity is something only related to the server itself and not the server listing in Rust. ) Once you've set a name click Save and restart your server.
  3. Now that your Server Name is set and you've restarted your server we can head over to Rust and search for the server. On the Main Menu of Rust click PLAY GAME, this will show the in-game server list.

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