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How Do I Create A Starbound Admin Account? Print

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Adding your self as an Admin is Starbound is as easy as following the steps below:

  1. In your Starbound server select File Manager
  2. Click Storage
  3. Open starbound_server.config
  4. Scroll to the bottom and find the section labeled "serverUsers"

Now that you have found the spot to add users you can add the users you need to in this format:

"your admin user name" : {
    "admin" : true,
    "password" : "set and admin password"

For example, after adding two users one admin and the other normal user your serverUsers section would look like this.

"serverUsers" : {
    "firstusername" : {
        "admin" : true,
        "password" : "MyPa33word%"
    "secondusername" : {
        "admin" : false,
        "password" : "MyOth3rPwrd&"

Save the changes and reboot your server so that you can use your newly found admin powers.

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