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Can I use the email address listed in the Whois to complete Domain Control Verification (DCV)? Yes, you can do this for DV, OV, and EV certificates. How can I reschedule the phone verification call? In order to reschedule this, please contact your SSL provider and provide them with your... How long will validation take? This largely depends on the type of certificate that you purchased and your response times. No... I cannot remember or have lost my login details. If you still have the order number they can use the automated password reminder system or if not... I completed validation, but never received the certificate. What should I do? After completing validation, the Certificate Authority (CA) will send the certificate to the... I have accidentally deleted my "private key" what can I do now? First, check your backups and see if you can re-install the "private key". If you don't know how... I have changed my server, or moved to a different provider; how do I move the certificate? The easiest way is to create a new CSR on the new machine and have the certificate re-issued. I haven't received my Domain Control Validation email (DCV) yet. What should I do? There are a few reasons why this might be the case. First, verify what email address you have... I would like to change some information for my Domain Control Validation email (DCV). If the common name needs to be changed, the only way to do so is by canceling and reordering the... If I but a Code Signing Certificate, which document(s) do I need to provide? There are two different types of validation procedures, those types being a certificate for an... If I buy a Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate, which document(s) do I need to provide? You do not need to provide any documentation in order to purchase a Domain Validated (DV)... If I buy and Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate, which documents(s) do I need to provide? EV certificates require a more stringent verification process than OV certificates. To understand... If I buy and Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificate, which document(s) do I need to provide? Organization Validated (OV) verification requires checking your business registration. If the... My File Authentication file has been uploaded to the wrong directory. What should I do? Please upload your file to the correct directory. To make sure the authorization is successful... My verified phone number is outdated, what should I do? Please contact your SSL provider and confirm what source the Certificate Authority (CA) pulled... Who do I send a validation document to? For this, we would recommend contacting your SSL provider directly. They should have a list of... Why is my order showing Failed Security Review? What does that mean? Certificate Authorities (CA's) randomly pull certificates aside for additional review from time...
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