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How many players can I host with on my server? Print

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All of our Minecraft plans come with unlimited slots but the amount of players your server can support is dependant on the amount of Ram your server has.


On average, most servers will be able to support around 20 players for every 1GB of RAM. However, the actual amount of players your can support will depend on the number of plugins, mods, and worlds your server has.


Even though we do not restrict you from raising your player slot beyond our recommendation you can do so. just be aware this can result in a sever crash if too many players are on the server at one time. If you are an experienced server operator and understand how to optimize your server for your use case you may be able to achieve well beyond 20 players per GB of RAM.


Server Type Suggested Players per 1GB of RAM
Vanilla 18
Craftbukkit 18
Paper 22
Spigot 20
Forge & Modded Servers 10-15 (Depending on the number and type of mods)
Minecraft: Bedrock 20

How does this compare to other providers?

Since the number of players that can fit on a server is directly correlated to memory this recommendation will apply regardless of which host you are using.

At AleForge we only utilize powerful hardware and can run hundreds of players in a single plan if there is enough memory. Most other hosts will reach CPU and disk speed bottlenecks before even being able to consume all of the purchased RAMwith players.  Our plans and servers are designed to grow with you in every direction from memory to CPU, disk speed, or 10Gb networking. Our server capabilities in all of these areas are more powerful than our competitors. For example, we run all of our servers with NVMe SSDs which is 6x faster than an SSD.



We generally recommend 1GB of RAM for every 500 players connected to the BungeeCord instance. Plugins may impact the amount of ram needed.

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