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How do I change my server for stable/experimental update branch? Print

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Switching Factorio branches on your server is easy

  1. Stop your server
  2. Open the Startup tab
  3. Enter one of the following into Factorio Version
    1. latest (this will download the latest stable branch release)
    2. experimental (this will download the latest experimental branch release)
    3. specific version number such as 0.18.31
  4. Open the Settings tab
  5. Click "Reinstall Server" and confirm

Modified files such as your save files, configs, and autosaves will not be touched by the install process. If you want to do a clean install delete all files in file manager before reinstalling.

Warning: Reinstalling will overwrite all the default files we download from the developer. In some cases, this may include configuration files. Make sure to backup your servers prior to running an update.

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