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How can I use my own world with my Terraria server? Print

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To use your own world with your terraria server follow the steps below.

  1. Stop your server.
  2. Upload your world to the saves/Worlds directory of your server and make sure it has the extension .wld. If you are playing tModloader make sure to also upload the .twld file
  3. Open the Startup tab
  4. Change the World Name to match your uploaded world. Make sure the name does not include the .wld or any special characters. If it does rename the world file using the file manager
  5. Start your server back up from the console page

Please make sure to set the difficulty, world size, and any other world-related setting before generating it locally as these values can not be changed after generation and you will have to make a new world. The Difficulty setting in the panel is only used when making a new world.

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