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Adding Mods to tModloader

Below are our instructions on how to install mods for tModloader 1.3 and 1.4 Alpha.

tModloader 1.3 Instructions

Adding Mods to your Server

Mods can generally be found on the Terraria forums or using the in-game mod browser for tModloader. Once you've found a set of mods that you want to use, you'll need to create the /mods folder on your server using our File Manager. Once the mods folder exists you can upload mods in the in .tmod format. To upload the mods you can click and drag them one by one or upload and unarchive a zip file. For bulk uploads, you can also use SFTP via a client such as WinSCP or Filezilla. You can find the mods on your computer at this path:

C:\Users\UserName\Documents\My Games\Terraria\tModLoader\Mods

Enabling Mods

After uploading the mods, you'll need to enable them for use on the server. This is accomplished by using a enabled.json file in the /mods folder.

If the folder that contains the mods does not have an 'enabled.json' file in it when the server is started for the first time, TmodLoader will create the file and add every mod that it can load into the file.

Below are instructions on how to manually create the 'enabled.json' file or to edit the file if you wish to add more mods at a later time

  • Navigate to the following directory on your server: /mods

  • Once in the mods folder, click the "create file" button above the file manager window. If you simply wish to edit an existing file, select "enabled.json" and click the "edit" button in the file manager.

  • The information in the file needs to be in the format of a JSON array, of the names of the mods that you want to use. The file must begin and end in square brackets. Each mod should have its name in quotes, and if you have more than one line in the file, it must have a comma at the end of each line (except for the last line). When editing a .json format file, the dashboard will alert you if what you have typed does not match the proper syntax. Correct the file until the red alerts disappear.

Below is an example .json file for "enabled.json":



  • These mod names should reflect the name of the .tmod files that you uploaded. Linux is case sensitive, so make sure the file name matches exactly (ie, "tremor" is not the same as "Tremor" in Linux)

  • When you are finished editing the file, you must give it a title in the blue box directly above the file manager window (if creating a new file). In this case, you'll want to use enabled.json.

tModloader 1.4 Instructions

Please be aware that these instructions may be outdated at any point during the tModloader 1.4 Alpha.

Downloading Mods

To download and active your mods please do the following:

  1. Launch tModloader and select Workshop
  2. Next click Download Mods
  3. Download all the mods you want to have installed on your server
  4. Click Back
  5. Select Manage Mods
  6. Enable every mod you want to be installed on your server

Activating the Mods on Your Server

  1. On your computer, open your tModloader mods config folder. On Windows the path will be similar to this C:\Users\UserName\Documents\My Games\Terraria\tModLoader\Mods
  2. Next, open your server and navigate to the File browser
  3. Open the mods folder
  4. Click and drag the enabled.json file to your mods folder on your server

Uploading Your Mods

  1. Find the workshop folder for tModloader, which is a folder named 1281930. Usually, it is in your Steam Folder on the drive tModloader is located on. For example, if I had tModloader installed on my C drive, it would be at this path C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\1281930
  2. Inside this folder, you will see a bunch of folders whose names are numbers
  3. Select all of these folders and right-click. On Windows 11, choose Compress to Zip File. On Windows 10, choose Send to -> Compress (Zipped) Folder
  4. Next, click and drag this zip file to the mods folder of your server and wait for it to upload
  5. Once the zip file finishes uploaded, click the three dots to the right of the file name and choose Unarchive
  6. Now that your files are unarchived, you should see a bunch of folders with numbers like you did in your Steam Workshop folder
  7. After unpacking the files file, we must move all the .tmod files from the folders to the mods folder. Don't worry we have your back and have automated this for you, but you need to enable the feature.
  8. Open the Startup page and change UnPack Mods to true
  9. Open the Settings page in your server
  10. Click Reinstall. Don't worry our installer will not touch your worlds or mod files. Our installer has a magical script that will automatically move your mods to the correct locations
  11. Start your server, and to verify your mods loaded, type modlist into the console once the server has reached a running state
  12. Open the Startup page and change UnPack Mods to false as you do not want the script to run again after it has worked its magic

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