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Can I add ID Protect to a domain name that is registered elsewhere? No. The domain must be registered with us in order to use ID Protect.   Does ID Protect help reduce spam? Yes, domain name Whois is a principal source of email addresses for spammers. If your domain... How Do I Renew My Domain Name? All hosting services offered by AleForgeare set to automatically renew on their anniversary date... ID Protect – Whois Privacy Protection What is ID Protect? ID Protect is a service that hides your private information from being... If AleForge Registers my Domain, who owns it? AleForge will either register or transfer your domain name registration and will be the provider... If I’m transferring a domain to AleForge, and it has privacy protection, do I need to turn the privacy protection off to transfer? Yes, if the privacy protection service is enabled at your previous registrar this service must... My domain has expired, what now? Should your domain name expire it will enter a three stage system known as Redemption Grace... What if someone sends something to the Whois Privacy Protection Service postal address? For mail which does not appear to be unsolicited commercial mail, the Whois Privacy Protection... What is WHOIS Privacy? International rules require that valid contact information—known as Whois—is available for... What personal information is displayed in domain name Whois, and how do people find it? As per international rules governed by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and... Why is my personal information available when I purchase a domain name? International rules require that valid contact information be provided for all domain names, and...
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