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AleForge Backup Policies How We Protect Your Data AleForge conducts disaster recovery backups nightly on our shared... AleForge Migration Policy Account Type Total Free Migrations Full cPanel Migrations * Manual Migrations **... AleForge SLA Credit Policy At AleForge we understand that having your website online and accessible is critical to the... Caching Methods for your Website WordPress Caching By default, your WordPress site will be using our nginx first reverse proxy to... How can I get a dedicated IP for my site? Dedicated IP’s can be assigned to a customer’s hosting account and has to be done manually by... How do I change PHP versions, or change my PHP settings / config? Here at AleForge, we have quite a unique configuration in terms of the way PHP is handled. By... How do I setup my online e-commerce store? The best way to go about setting up your web site to become an online store is to make a... How much Space does my Website need? Every website has to be hosted by a web hosting service provider in order to publish it on the... How to force your site to use SSL (https) using cPanel Once your certificate is installed, you will need to redirect from ‘http://’ to ‘https://’ – this... Install a free SSL via cPanel / AutoSSL Installing an SSL certificate in cPanel is easy! Best of all, it is free with AleForge.... Resource Boost We introduced a feature to our customers, which allows you to Boost the resources of an... What Makes Our Servers Different  I think the most frequent question I get is “Why should I choose AleForge?. While you could read... What are CloudLinux and LVE limits? CloudLinux improves the stability of a server by limiting each client in an isolated, secure... What are the U.S. Treasury Embargo Restrictions? The United States has imposed trade embargoes against several countries. This prohibits...
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