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How do I Update My Server? Print

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With our panel, there are two methods of updating your server.  Automatic and manual updates.

Automatic updates happen for our Source/Steam platform games such as Counter-Strike, and Team Fortress. To get the latest version of these games just reboot your server and on boot, it will update to the latest version.

Manual updates have to be done for games like Minecraft and Factorio. Please follow these steps to update your game servers.

  1. Stop the server
  2. Open the Backups tab
  3. Create a new backup and wait for it to complete
  4. Open the Settings tab
  5. Click Reinstall Server and confirm the choice
  6. Your server will be updated

If you want to change Factorio branches please visit this guide.

Warning: Reinstalling will overwrite all the default files we download from the developer. In some cases, this may include configuration files. Make sure to backup your servers prior to running an update.

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